Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TFS Deployer - Marking builds as deployed in tfs 2012

TFS2012 allows you to mark builds as deployed, this is meant to work hand in hand with the azure deployment but I figured it should work with whatever TfsDeployer does too.

TFS always seems to throw an error afterwards which i haven't figured out quite yet, so i'm just wrapping it in a try/catch. Even if it didn't throw this exception, I think it will throw another one if you ever try mark the same build as deployed

This adds a new row in the "deployed" tab under builds in TFS 2012 web access (looks like visual studio doesn't support this quite yet).

It has a redeploy button which just triggers a new build, so it won't actually set the correct build quality to be auto deployed by tfs deployer.

Added a discussion to TFS Deployers discussion tab